The Book of the Lost Souls is a gate to a labyrinth where a game of diabolic rules awaits his visitors.

In this fantasy-terror story the characters* get immersed in a world of nightmares, a challenging hell where the rules of the living have been changed by a book as evil as magical. It’s a survival game where only the smarter may return home.

The long story is meant to be three volumes, where little by little the deepness of the roots of the book and its effect in the real world will be discovered.

*The main characters of “The Book” are the same members of the “Taking back limited society”, however this story can’t be considered a part of the series and due to its darkness should be regarded as a different trilogy.

Short Film

The Book Of The Lost Souls was originally created as a short film project. It was CJ Guerrero first screenplay and took him more than 2 Years working on the project in almost everything, from the direction to the production and final edition.

It was co directed and photographed with Ruben Jimenez, who is one of the most promising directors in Spain. The main role was for Miguel de Miguel, a must be star, and now well known in Spain and Latino America.

Short film trailer
19 minutes short film version
37 minutes Half film version (part 1)
37 minutes Half film version (part 2)


Full Story

The Book of the Lost Souls full story at this moment of development is planned to be 3 Volumes:

  • “The Book, Volume I” Film (Screenplay completed, Spanish. English translation in progress )
  • “The Souls Labyrinth”, Film (Screenplay completed, Spanish. English translation in progress)
  • “Initiates of the Book”, Volume III” Film (Screenplay on first stage)